Alexander Povetkin vs. Bermane Stiverne Live Boxing

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Alexander Povetkin vs. Bermane Stiverne Live stream

Bermane Stiverne (25-2-1, 21 KOs) will be enjoying a 26 pound weight advantage over former WBA heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin (30-1, 22 KOs) when the two fighters battle for the interim WBC heavyweight title on Saturday night at the Ekaterinburg Expo Center in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The 38-year-old Stiverne weighed in at 249lbs during Friday’s weigh-in. Povetkin, 37, weighed in at a slim 223.7lbs. Stiverne’s weight is slightly down from the 254lbs he weighed for his last bout against Derric Rossy last year in November 2015.

(Photo: World of Boxing)

Stiverne won that fight by a 10 round unanimous decision, but it was a close figt. Stiverne was at 239 for his fights against Deontay Wilder in 2015 and in his rematch against Chris Arreola in 2014. Stiverne was a powerful 248lbs for his first fight against Arreola in 2013. It’s quite possible that Stiverne is stronger when he’s close to 250lbs than when he boils down to 239lbs for his fights.

At this point in Stiverne’s career, he seems to be a better fighter with more punching power when he’s heavier. Povetkin’s weight is the lowest he’s been since his fight against Javier Mora in 2010. Povetkin weighed in at 223lbs for that fight as well. However, Povetkin’s weight isn’t far off from what he usually weighs. In Povetkin’s last 10 fights, he’s weighed as follows:

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