Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Smith LIVE Boxing

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Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Smith Live


Bernard Hopkins has more than earned the right to go out on his own terms, and he’s going to do exactly that. A legend of the sport of boxing and one of the craftiest to ever step between the ropes, the 51-year-old Hopkins has decided he has one more fight in him, for better or for ill.

He will take on Joe Smith Jr. on Saturday at the Forum in Inglewood, California, for what he says will be the last bout of his storied career.

This is no canned exhibition match, nothing like those farewell testimonial games afforded retiring legends in soccer. This is the real deal, a scheduled 12-round bout for Smith’s WBC International light heavyweight title. Yes, that’s right, after all is said and done, Hopkins could go out with a glimmering strap slung across his shoulder.

Or, he could go out battered and broken, losing to a powerful man just over half his age and doing unnecessary harm to his aging mind and body. There are eminently justifiable concerns about this bout even taking place, but none of those worries about waning energy levels and fading reflexes will stop the show on Saturday.

Hopkins is a marvel of the sports world no matter the outcome of Saturday’s fight. Here’s how you can catch what is expected to be the final bow of one of the sport’s greats.


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