Duke vs UNC

Duke vs UNC Live stream. how to watch Duke vs UNC live stream: Watch BASKETBALL live on TV chanel.Mar 10 time 7:00 Pm Et. Duke vs UNC live

Duke vs UNC live stream

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ACC Tourney has been the most talked about topic amongst writers, professionals and Jim Boeheim. While the topic is understandably hot, one has to admit, seeing the best conference in America at the Mecca of Basketball, is not only beneficial for exposure, but business. At first, I couldn’t understand why Boeheim would want the ACC tournament in NY; it’s a far travel for people in the south, the unnecessary traffic and not to mention the expenses of being in New York, but there is something in the area with this conference here. The teams playing have given New York everything they have; proving that the ACC deserves the big stage.

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