Eagles vs Seahawks Live Football Game

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Eagles vs Seahawks Live

Week 11 is going to have a lot of good matches on paper. The trend continues in the afternoon regarding the top teams from the NFC. The 5-4 Philadelphia Eagles head out west to play the NFC West Division leader Seattle Seahawks. In this game, the Eagles are currently on the outside looking in for the playoffs and the Seahawks are currently the 2nd seed in the NFC.

Let us first look at the Philadelphia Eagles. They are entering this game with a record of 5-4 and are in last place of the NFC East. They are entering this game coming off a win last week over the Atlanta Falcons. However, what ended up being a major killer for the Eagles was that they lost two games in a row to divisional opponents in the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. Due to how competitive the NFC East is and how every team is above .500, this game is huge for the Eagles.

If the Eagles want to make a possible push towards the NFC East division crown, they need to win the games on their schedule. Unfortunately, they don’t play their NFC East divisional opponents until the final 4 weeks with the one exception of Week 15. It just so happens that the Eagles play the Ravens that week before wrapping up against the Giants and the Cowboys. My big concern in this game for the Eagles is Carson Wentz. Over the last couple of weeks, he has been getting exposed big time by defenses and the Seahawks have one of the best defenses in the NFC.

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