Gotham season 3 episode 16

Gotham season 3 episode 16 live stream.Gotham is a fun show to watch because it juggles multiple storylines involving multiple characters. In season 3, we have seen how the Court of Owls has been acting as a shadow organization in Gotham City, and their reach is quite extensive.

Gotham season 3 episode 16 live

In last week’s “How the Riddler Got His Name” we learn that not only is Jim Gordon’s Uncle Frank involved with the Court of Owls, but he’s a trusted member of the organization, and now he’s trying to convince Gordon to join. The only way he can get Gordon to even listen to him is to say that he has been trying to fight the organization that killed Gordon’s father. This cracks Gordon’s steely resolve, but it doesn’t look like he suspects anything from Frank yet.

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We also saw Clone Bruce swap places with the real Bruce Wayne. The whole situation was orchestrated with a note to Bruce from Selina, only Selina didn’t send the note and Bruce doesn’t have time to realize anything is amiss before being abducted by the Court of Owls. Clone Bruce is in place at Wayne Manor, and Bruce wakes up in a jail cell somewhere far away from Gotham City.

With all of that in mind, we move into this week’s “These Delicate and Dark Obsessions” knowing that Frank is still trying to manipulate Gordon, and Alfred doesn’t know that Clone Bruce has replaced the real Bruce Wayne. Hopefully we will now start to learn more about what the Court of Owls is after.

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