Miss Universe 2018 Live

MISS UNIVERSE 2018 TIME AND DATE: The pageant will take place at 2 a.m. SAST in Bangkok. In the USA, the show will air at 7 p.m. ET, live, on December 16, 2018. MISS UNIVERSE 2018 CHANNEL USA: The FOX network will host this year’s pageant


Miss Universe 2018 : The 2018 Miss Universe pageant airs tonight from overseas and fans want to know what time it airs in the USA.What channel is the 2018 Miss Universe pageant on? Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers is competing with nearly 100 women for this year’s title on live TV tonight.But unlike the Miss USA pageant that leads up to Miss Universe, or their rival contest Miss America, the Miss Universe pageant has a reason for viewers to tune in other than swimsuits and evening wear: national costumes. The national costume portion of the event differentiates the show from other pageants — without it, Miss Universe would frankly have very little to offer. This is not to say that Miss Universe is any less sexist than its more geographically limited peers. But it gives the contestants a way to show creativity and personality in clothing, an arguably far more effective medium in a beauty pageant than the current talent or interview portions.

The early years only had a few Western European countries send competitors, with winners hailing from places such as Finland, Sweden and France. But the contest has gradually expanded its reach. This year’s Miss Universe 2018 will include representatives from no less than 94 countries and territories across the world. Even as the standard of beauty for these pageants has narrowed — most contestants all sport a certain interchangeable, westernized aesthetic — the Miss Universe pageant is at least geographically quite diverse.

Said diversity is best summed up by the pageant’s most interesting and fun competition of the two-week event, the national costume contest. First introduced in 1962, this portion of the competition features outfits chosen to best represents each contestant’s home country or territory, usually rendered in sequins, feathers, fringe and of course, gigantic headpieces. The most elaborate outfits can turn the contestant into walking, smiling parade floats.


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