Power Season 5 Episode 1 online

watch Power Season 5 Episode 1 live stream.Power” Season 5 is just a day away, which means viewers will be able to return to the streets of New York City where Ghost, Tommy and Kanan plan to take revenge against Dre. After the men learned the young hustler betrayed them in the Season 4 finale, they vowed to make him pay for what he has done.

Power Season 5 Episode 1 live

Power season 5 episode 1? We should start things off here with the title in “Everyone Is Implicated.” This title alone suggests that there is a significant amount of danger ahead for many different characters; that’s what happens when you are reeling from the aftermath of losing a child and desperate times are calling for desperate measures.

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Starz promo video, Angela is heard telling someone that she is supposed to be a great prosecutor yet she finds herself conspiring to cover up a murder. While it is unclear exactly why Angela is being implicated in a murder, there is a chance someone may try to connect her to Ray Ray’s (Marcus Callender) slaying.

In the Season 4 finale, she tracked Tariq’s (Michael Rainey Jr.) phone to the dirty cop’s apartment as a favor to Tasha (Naturi Naughton). If Angela is desperate to get out of this messy situation that the St.Patrick family put her in, she could pull a page out of Tasha’playbook and ask the grieving mother to return the favor.

“Tasha enlists LaKeisha (La La Anthony) to protect Tariq,” the synopsis for “Everyone is Implicated” states. In the promo, Tasha reflects on how she never thought the past would never catch to her and Ghost, but following Raina’s death, she realizes just how wrong she was.

Last viewers saw of Tasha, she was sitting down with Terry (Brandon Victor Dixon) preparing to confess to Ray Ray’s murder. Since Tasha is willing to take the fall for her son, will she ask LaKeisha to provide an alibi in order to protect Tariq?

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