Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 Live stream.Prison Break is back with a brand new season, and the first two episodes have set up its classic escapist theme with Michael Schofield having to plan an escape from another prison.

Prison Break Season 5, Episode 3 Live

“The Liar,” features T-Bag who may have turned over a new leaf, while Michael’s apparent death is still a mystery and appears to be working with a terrorist organization.

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In Episode 2 of Prison Break Season 5 “Kaniel Outis” (spoilers below), it is clear that Michael appearing not to know Lincoln is part of his plan as he sent his brother a message asking him to find the “Sheik of Light.” C-Note’s contact, Sheba, managed to decode the message, and they discover that the sheik is a local engineer, who is the father of one of Michael’s cell mates. Lincoln and his team manage to free the engineer from ISIL-held territory. The engineer gives the signal for Michael’s escape and the feared terrorist Abu Ramal is seemingly close to Scofield and plans to escape with him.

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