Prison Break Season 5, Episode 7

Prison Break Season 5, Episode 7.Prison Break puts Sara Tancredi to the test as she learns an important fact that she may not have wanted to know. How will that change her perception of Michael?

Prison Break Season 5, Episode 7

Season 5, episode 7 is called “Wine Dark Sea” and involves Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) finding out the reason why her former husband Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) decided to fake his death at the end of the original Prison Break series. What she discovers makes her worry for the safety of their son and her current husband (Mark Feuerstein).

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But who would be there to help Sara anyway, considering that Michael and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) are still trying to get home? This week’s Prison Break sees them turning to another familiar face for help as they continue to fight for their lives. But will that person help or hurt them in the end?

There are three episodes left in the epic Prison Break Season 5 revival and Episode 7 promo teases Michael and Sara’s reunion. Michael has been gone for seven years and Sara, along with everyone else, believed he was dead. It turns out that Scofield was working for a mysterious character known as Poseidon to help ensure that his family and friend secure immunity.

A wounded Michael is seen embracing Sara in the short promo. In response to her husband, Sara declares “He needs help, and I’m the only one that can help him,” in the promo for Prison Break Episode 7, which airs next week Tuesday on Fox.

A seal team is after Michael and his team as they continue their escape out of Yemen and ISIS territory in the episode titled “Wine Dark Sea

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