Prison Break Season 5, Episode 8

Prison Break Season 5, Episode 8 live stream.T-Bag (Robert Knepper) gets something off his chest. What could it be? Is he turning sides again? Getting a cyborg spin-off with Archer‘s Ray Gillette and Barry Dylan? Who knows what Prison Break might reveal. But for an inside look into T-Bag’s head, check out our interview with Knepper.

Prison Break Season 5, Episode 8 live

Fans waited years for Prison Break to come back, and now there are only two episodes left, including tonight’s. The end will be bittersweet, since this has been a great season but we’re just not ready for it to end. We’ve already seen Michael break out of an impenetrable jail in Yemen, and then break out of Yemen itself.

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The all new Prison Break Season 5 Episode 8 Titled “Progeny” airs on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 9:00 PM EST on FOX.

As of Episode 7, we saw that Sara finally meets Michael and he reveals her that Jacob is Poseidon, who has framed the former for the murder of the CIA official. Sara returns to the U.S. to inform Mike about this.

Further, Navy SEALs are sent to kill Michael but Sucre comes out with an ingenious plan to force the SEALs away, which makes a frustrated Jacob to launch a missile fired at the ship. However, Michael and gang successfully jump overboard before the explosion.

As per Episode 8 official synopsis, its seems when Sara and her son’s safety is under threat, Michael and Lincoln recruit the help of Sheba and C-Note in hope to catch Poseidon. Meanwhile, Whip goes on an individual mission and T-Bag reveals a new secret on the whole Fiasco.

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