Reign Season 4 Episode 8

Reign Season 4 Episode 8 Live stream.Queen Mary Gets Close To Bothwell In Episode 8 ‘Uncharted Waters. CW’s “Reign,” the Scottish monarch discovered that her fiancé Lord Darnley (Will Kemp) slept with his former lover. Of course, she couldn’t back out from her alliance with him now since he takes her one step closer towards taking the English throne.

following the arrival of Lord Darnley’s former love, Mary’s path to the altar hit another bump in the road. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth got word that her attempt to stop Mary from wedding Lord Darnley failed and could cause serious backlash. Elsewhere, Catherine and Narcisse set out to track down King Charles. Luckily, their search was successful and were able to convince him to return to court to reclaim his throne.

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When we return to the kingdom this Friday, with her marriage to Lord Darnley quickly approaching, Queen Mary’s nuptials are jeopardized by a sudden and unexpected tragedy which threatens to pull them apart. With her future uncertain, Mary turns to a trusted ally for help: Catherine de’ Medici! It’s going to be interesting to see how the Catherine comes to Mary’s assistance but if it involves the duo’s first shared scene in far too long, we’re definitely on board!

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Across the pond, Queen Elizabeth receives a petition from an individual hoping to secure her support for an expedition to explore a New World.

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