Riverdale Season 1, Episode 11

Riverdale Season 1, Episode 11 live stream.Hermione look proud watching their kids on stage, and it should be a welcome two minute break from what could be an awkward night for the pair. After all, a couple episodes ago Fred and Hermione were together.

Riverdale Season 1, Episode 11 live

Now, Fred is at the dance with Mary as they reconsider if they should get divorced. On the bright side, this should mean a lot more screen time for Molly Ringwald, who only appeared briefly at the end of episode 10 as Mary Andrews.

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Veronica and Archie together are Cheryl and Betty. Cheryl is clearly still mad at Archie for rejecting her at the Blossom’s maple syrup party. For Betty, it appears that seeing Veronica and Archie together is making her jealous. Eventually, the iconic love triangle was going to start on the show, and it looks like this week is when it could begin. But, sadly, it means the future of Bughead is not looking too bright.

Date: Thursday, April 27
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Episode: ”To Riverdale and Back Again”
TV Channel: The CW
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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