Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9

watch Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9 live stream.Supergirl is in the midst of a really tough couple weeks. That isn’t even including Mon-El’s return from the future only to reveal that he is married.

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9 live


As revealed during the last (non-crossover) episode of Supergirl, Sam learned of her true origins, complete with a spaceship under a tarp. A crystal from the ship guided her to the desert and formed her evil Fortress of Solitude. The hooded figure that placed Sam in the pod on Krypton filled her in on more of the specifics that her mom couldn’t know.

Sam is the culmination of years of experiments to create a new weapon, the World Killers. As the name suggests, Sam will become Reign and fulfill her destiny to destroy Earth. This transition should have happened years ago, but Sam having Ruby delayed her transformation into Reign.

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But now the transition is complete, and after a slow start, Reign has arrived in National City. Kara starts noticing Reign’s symbol. All leading to a big fight between the Kyptonians. But not before Kara and Sam celebrate the holidays together

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