The Flash Season 4 Episode 20

The Flash Season 4 Episode 20 live stream online. The Flash was undoubtedly a non-stop thrill-ride. While DeVoe was up to no good as usual. Team Flash had to deal with a nuclear bomb and the Earth-X version of Laurel Lance, Siren-X. But the episode’s main focus was on Barry’s refusal to deal with the loss of Elongated Man.

The Flash Season 4 Episode 20 live

Another point of interest in the trailer is the return of Gypsy. We haven’t seen her in quite some time, so it will be interesting to see what her return means for Cisco. Remember, Breacher recently offered Cisco the chance to replace him as a bounty hunter. While this opportunity would enable him to spend more time with Gypsy, we have yet to hear his thoughts on the offer.

The Flash season 4 episode 20 entitled next week is entitled “Therefore She Is” and there is a part of this that should feel interesting almost right away. This title is a modified version of what we saw with “Therefore I Am” from earlier this season and on the surface, we almost wonder if this is meant to be some sort of enormous spotlight on Marlize.

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Marlize to speculate on that subject further, let’s just spend a little bit of time on Gypsy. We are worried about this relationship for a couple of different reasons, starting with the fact that they work on different earths. That’s a little bit different from even your standard long-distance relationship. Beyond that, there is another wrinkle here in that Jessica Camacho has been unavailable for a lot of this season due to some of her other work over on Taken

The Flash returns to The CW next Tuesday, May 1, at 8:00 p.m. ET. With Marlize eager to do the right thing, could she end up betraying her husband to save Gypsy’s life? Or is DeVoe’s hold over her just too strong? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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