The White Princess Season 1 Episode

The White Princess Season 1 Episode Live stream.Bed with the Enemy was filled with many characters that the viewer will come to know, root for, some they will hate, and others that they will be ambivalent towards because of their motivations, intrinsic problems, and inherited conflicts.

The White Princess Season 1 Episode Live

Elizabeth of York (Jodie Comer) was automatically the character that the viewer rooted for during In Bed with the Enemy. She was the underdog in the episode, the claimed spoil of war who was being forced into marrying not only a stranger but one of the people responsible for her true love (King Richard III)’s death. Elizabeth had to reign in: anger, the thirst for revenge, profound sadness, and anxiety over her fate and that of her immediate family so that she could make critical decisions that would open doors or seal her fate.

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Throughout In Bed with the Enemy, Elizabeth proved herself to be no wallflower, no passenger in a ship without a helmsman. Elizabeth stood up for herself from the beginning, wearing her position like a suit of armor, her words and her actions her shield and sword. The highlight of this was the tit-for-tat that King of England Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy) had with Elizabeth of York during an impromptu dinner and coital session. Their mutual disdain was the real meal that they feasted upon. Their dessert was the pressures of their positions. When it came to the king, the pressure to marry someone fertile that could produce a royal heir. Those societal pressures forced one into the other during a sexual encounter that could adequately be described as two people dispassionately clocked in at work.

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