Tony Awards 2017

Tony Awards 2017 live stream.Get ready for all that jazz! Many Broadway stars are waking up to good news as the 71st annual Tony Award nominations were announced live on Tuesday, May 2. Watch the video above.

Jane Krakowski and Hamilton’s Christopher Jackson revealed the honors from the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center in Manhattan at 8:30 a.m. ET.

Tony Awards 2017 Live

he leading candidates for best new musical — the most coveted prize with the biggest box-office impact — remain two emotional musicals: “Dear Evan Hansen,” about an anxiety-ridden adolescent who insinuates himself into the life of a grieving family, and “Come From Away,” about a Canadian town that sheltered stranded travelers after the terrorist attacks of 2001.

But “The Great Comet,” a raucous and eye-popping production that marries an avant-garde creative team with a top-selling pop star, dominated the day Tuesday, winning nominations not only for Mr. Groban, who taught himself to play accordion for the role, but also for two other members of its cast, Denée Benton and Lucas Steele, and much of its creative team.

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