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watch Daytime Divas’ Season 1 Episode 5 live stream.Anna (Kristen Johnston) who’s boss, “The Lunch Hour” showrunner and main host Maxine (Vanessa Williams) surprisingly agreed to Anna’s request to make her a co-host at the expense of taking out guest co-host and lifestyle guru Portia (Tasha Smith).

Daytime Divas’ Season 1 Episode 5 live

Could Maxine’s agreement only be about keeping Anna’s tell-all book from getting published, or does the scheming diva plan on getting back at her former personal assistant (PA) some more? Will Anna really be giving up on publishing a tell-all book about Maxine, or could becoming a co-host be her way of gathering more juicy intel on her archenemy?

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Nina and Shawn’s secret relationship was also inadvertently revealed in the previous episode, thus forcing Maxine to hire PR powerhouse Isabel (La La Anthony) to handle the two’s scandalous affair, which has, by now, made it to all the major gossip tabloids.

Nina has been labeled a cheater, which is further complicated by the fact that she’s engaged to high profile politician Andrew (Ness Bautista) but is now carrying Shawn’s child. Isabel believes that the show can avoid bad press if Nina addresses the affair head on, thus giving Maxine to turn the matter into a larger discussion about gender politics.

But while Nina seems to be on board with this plan, Shawn’s reluctance to accept it further upsets his mother, Maxine, who tells him that if they’ve only confided in her sooner, they would’ve been able to prevent something like this from happening. Fans can watch the sneak peek released by the network below.

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