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watch iZombie season 3, episode 11 live stream.(Rose McIver) and Blaine (David Anders) are teaming up in Season 3, episode 11 of “iZombie.”According to the synopsis for this week’s episode, titled “Conspiracy Weary,” Liv and Blaine work together to rescue Don E.

 iZombie season 3, episode 11 live

(Bryce Hodgson) from the zombie truthers who are holding him hostage. But as seen in the trailer for the episode, saving Blaine’s right-hand man won’t be that easy. In fact, at some point in the preview clip, Blaine finds himself locked up in an improvised cage as Harley Johns (Andrew Caldwell) — head of the zombie truthers — holds him at gun point.

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We should probably talk about all the ways Mr. Boss attempted to kill Blaine, to no avail, in last week’s episode. There were shootings and stabbing-with-ice-picks, but Blaine and his assistant (what’s her name?) were able to take Mr. Boss hostage regardless. Though he went through a lot of trouble just to break into his house and get the suitcase full of passports.

Meanwhile, Drake’s return was way less welcome than Mr. Boss’ was. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think Drake’s a perfectly fine dude, but I always take issue with the brief return of a character whose departure I already got accustomed to.

The most important development of last week’s episode is still Ravi’s kidnapping! Someone please save him ASAP.

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