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Watch Orphan Black season 5, episode 4 live stream.Orphan Black may only be four episodes into its fifth and final season, but the first two episodes quickly established a tone for this farewell tour. It was clear right from the start that the stakes had been raised. Everything felt more dangerous and serious. That is, until last week’s episode.

When it becomes clear that whatever Rachel is doing to Kira is hurting her, Sarah and Mrs. S’ focus turns to stopping Neolution. This means that Mrs. S might be looping Sarah in on the information Delphine gave her a couple of episodes ago.

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Meanwhile, Cosima is on her own mission trying to uncover even more secrets about the island, all mixed in with a few characters backing their first appearance of the season. Felix’s biological sister is back and helping the family follow the money. Probably aiding in the plan to save Kira.

Interestingly, from the promo, it sounds like this episode might also mark the return of Susan Duncan. How she survived the season 4 finale should make for a good story.

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