Wisconsin vs Western Michigan Football Live Goodyear Cotton Bowl 2017

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Western Michigan vs Wisconsin Live  Football


Cotton Bowl Preview: Wisconsin vs. Western Michigan live stream game. Ohio State on shitting all over itself last night. Well done, just really, really well done. And Michigan fans, sit down right now and get the shit eating grin off your faces, you lost to the worst Florida State team in 5 years and the score was way closer than it should’ve been. Penn State, you’re probably going to get abused by USC tomorrow. Which leads us to Wisconsin, the conference’s only hope to save face in a bowl game people don’t just accidentally watch, and it’s against Directional Freaking Michigan. Phrases like “no win situation” and “well Wisconsin’s going to win, but there’s no way they win by enough to feel good about playing a MAC team, 12-0 or not in NY6 bowl” have been have been thrown around a lot, and all such phrases are correct.


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